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Understanding the GreenLightTM Difference

GreenLightTM Laser Therapy has been increasingly performed as an alternative to transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP),1 with several studies demonstrating comparable results with fewer side effects and complications.2

The difference is in the technology.

GreenLightTM uses laser light—not a knife or thermal/electrical energy—to precisely remove tissue.1 The laser vaporization minimizes blood loss,2 so it is suitable for patients who take medications to thin their blood or prevent blood clotting.3

When compared with the reported complications for other minimally invasive procedures, GreenLightTM reports4:

  • Less need for retreatment
  • Fewer patients need re-catheterization after the procedure
  • Fewer patients go home catheterized
  • Fewer sexual side effects

Furthermore, cost analyses have shown GreenLightTM to be less costly than traditional surgery,5 so it’s no wonder patients and doctors alike are choosing this user-friendly6 procedure.


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