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Physicians' Perspective1

Ricardo-Gonzalez Ricardo R. Gonzalez, MD
Mahmood-Hal Mahmood Hal, MD
Fernando-Sancha Fernando Gomez Sancha, MD
Gregg-Eure Gregg Eure, MD
Oliver-Reich Oliver Reich, MD

Ricardo R Gonzalez, MD

“Using [GreenLightTM], which uses laser light that does not conduct through the tissue deeply, could be one of the reasons erectile dysfunction rates tend to be lower in patients treated with laser technologies…. I feel safer knowing that the laser light won’t penetrate to the other side of the capsule and potentially affect the nerves.”

“The operative technique mirrors the TURP and is easier to learn for seasoned doctors who did not feel comfortable with advanced laser techniques requiring video endoscopy…. In my practice, I feel most comfortable offering GreenLightTM vaporization to relieve urinary obstruction with an excellent side effect profile. It helps to have clinical data to support my first surgical choice in treatment for symptomatic BPH.”1

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Mahmood Hal, MD

“We are more efficient and doing a much better job at removing obstructive tissue.”

“If you collectively look at all the factors that we have talked about, the GreenLightTM technology is…superior in all aspects. It is very obvious that the technology to go for, in this day and age, is the GreenLightTM laser.”

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Fernando Gomez Sancha, MD

“You can perform a GreenLightTM in a small prostate…and then send this patient home the same day without a catheter, but you still cannot do that with an electrode (TURP)….And this is why I think the GreenLightTM is unparalleled in terms of safety nowadays.”

“GreenLightTM surgery, being as efficacious as other electrical operations…I think it is the safest of all today.”

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Gregg Eure, MD

“The published literature continues to grow in support of the GreenLightTM, demonstrating both the safety and efficacy. Long-term data attests to this as well.”

“…if you look at overall cost, GreenLightTM wins out. If you look at the speed with which you get patients out of the hospital, GreenLightTM wins….In regards to postoperative bleeding, the potential for further intervention, catheter times, and side effects, again GreenLightTM wins….”

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Oliver Reich, MD

“The evidence in safety and efficacy for GreenLightTM HPS is growing very rapidly. This is true for special indications like high-risk patients, patients on oral anticoagulation, as well as for the average BPH patient. This fact poses a tremendous advantage for GreenLightTM over a technique like plasma vaporization with limited evidence only.”

“The clinical data for GreenLightTM, as we all know, is very impressive.”

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  1. Bachmann A, Eure G, Gonzalez R, et al. Surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: comparing electrovaporization and photo-selective vaporization of the prostate. Urology Times. 2010;(suppl):2-11.